IT Plus Inc.

Small business
Create a bright future.

ITplus is a company started by two people who have completely different areas of expertise, "consulting" and "creative", while traveling around the world.
I'm neither a system development company nor a design production company.
We support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises from both a sales perspective and a presentation perspective, centered on a global perspective and know-how that has been involved in "selling" in the IT industry for more than 20 years.

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What are the challenges for growth?

We will come up with a solution together.

EC strategy planning and support

Sales organization strategy support


Digital marketing

China Cross-border EC

We work together with a consistent strategy that can grow over the medium to long term.

Changes in society, such as the spread of smartphones, the spread of SNS, the shortage of human resources, the decline in Japan's consumer market due to the declining population, global competition, etc. can be both a pinch and an opportunity.
In order to achieve this, SMEs need to be able to think from the customer's perspective and execute consistent strategies that are beneficial to customers.
To that end, we will also provide creatives that focus on digital marketing, sales organization reform, and branding based on EC / WEB strategies.
In addition, we support sales strategies that can produce efficient results over the medium to long term by providing IT tools that are indispensable for future growth and matching IT customer growth phases and supporting overseas market development.

EC Strategy / Creative

EC is business.
It is important to be aware of the "people" on the other side of the system because they do not meet with customers directly. In order to achieve continuous results, we will formulate an EC strategy that can grow over the medium to long term by thoroughly implementing repeatable basics.

Streamline B2B sales organization

From a business perspective, the most cost-effective combination with IT is a B2B sales organization.
Let us not only introduce and utilize digital marketing (digital transformation), but also reorganize the sales organization as the foundation.

China Cross-border EC

Japan where the consumer market is shrinking due to the declining population. When thinking about starting a cross-border EC for the future, the first thing that comes to mind is China.
We support test marketing, test sales, and cross-border e-commerce for China using the bonded warehouse in China Free Trade Zone.

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Consulting and branding of succulent plant EC site "tawawa"

Service site design

Penetrate of Limit Co., Ltd.-Hardware-

Service site design of Penetrate of Limit Co., Ltd.

World information

World Information Co., Ltd.

World Information Co., Ltd. Consulting and branding

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We have added 3 recent achievements such as succulent plant EC site "tawawa".


We have added the website production of Daikichi Hiyori to the achievements.


The first draft beer "First Down", which we were in charge of in the web and design fields, became the world's best beer in the RICE BEER category at the World Beer Awards, the world beer world competition.


[Summer vacation notice] August 2020, 8 (Tuesday) to August 11, 2020 (Friday)


We have added the consulting and branding of Penetrate of Limit Co., Ltd. to the results.


Our homepage has been revamped.


New Year Greetings


[Notice of New Year holidays] Thursday, December 2019, 12-Sunday, January 26, 2020


Crowdfunding for the first draft beer “FIRST DOWN” has been selected as one of the 2019 Best Campfire CROWDFUNDING AWARD 100 campfires.


"Cam Come Cheers" was featured in the hot new product of anan – Good Body Award 2019 –.