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Create a bright future for SMEs.

For the future of Japan, especially for the bright future of Japanese SMEs, IT and digital marketing are now essential.
However, as can be seen from various statistics, the use of IT in Japan is currently lagging.
It can be said that it is based on the country's origins such as cultural background and geographic background, but that is why using IT has a chance to succeed in business.
We will support the use of IT and digital marketing in order to grow the company and to compete in the world.

We strive to achieve goals together by always striving to make a commitment to increase sales and by defining tactics consistent with IT, sales and creative.

Become the customer's best understanding,
Support optimal problem solving.

  • Become an understanding person for Japanese SMEs to be active on the global stage and support optimal problem solving.
  • Always look to the world and continue to search for the best IT tools for Japanese small and medium enterprises.
  • Always pursue creative creativity with a customer perspective.

The use of IT is indispensable for the growth of SMEs in the future.

A teenager who has been playing rugby since childhood and spending all his time in rugby. Since then, I have been in the IT industry for over 10 years, including my school days.
He gained sales and marketing careers from local micro-enterprises to ventures and global companies in Tokyo, and traveled around Japan-living in Canada-around the world with his current wife, who he met while on vacation.

I met Art Director Mizoguchi in Mexico around the world.

After returning to Japan, by utilizing the industry knowledge that has been involved in a wide range of IT fields, the practical experience that has consistently been in a sales organization, and the global perspective gained around the world and overseas business trips, together with Japanese SMEs, IT + was established with the desire to create Japan in the future.

Originally, SMEs should use IT.
In Japan, changes in the social environment, the characteristics of the country, called the Galapagos, and the national strength of a business that can be realistically realized only by domestic demand, have prevented the use of IT from growing.

There are great IT tools in the world that you can't know if you're in Japan and you can afford them. It's also true that there are English-language management screens, English-only support, and many tools that are not compatible with Japanese business practices. However, by changing minds and reviewing business processes, you can utilize them and set the stage for global competition.

To support the growth of the company by reforming the sales organization and using IT tools. Build strong branding with consistent creative power aligned with your strategy and support continuous growth.
We, together with SMEs, will create a bright future for Japan.
Kazuo NoguchiKazuhiro Noguchi


Kazuo NoguchiKazuhiro Noguchi

Born and raised in the northern part of Saitama prefecture where rugby is thriving, he started rugby from an early age. During his student days, he gained extensive experience in the IT industry, including general-purpose machine programming, FA computer manufacturing, and Linux instructor, and was involved in setting up a data center business in Seattle just before graduating from college. He has been working for Hewlett-Packard Japan for about seven years since 2005 as a marketing and sales manager. In 7, ITplus Inc. was established.

Art Director / Designer

Kota MizoguchiKohta Mizoguchi

In 2008, graduated from Tama Art University Graphic Design Department. From 2008 to 2012, worked as a graphic designer at a design office. From 2012, experience traveling around the world to see the world's design & art. After returning to Japan in 2013, he worked as a freelance designer in April of the same year, and in 4 joined ITplus Inc.

Director / Business Development

Yuji NaitoYuji Naito

After dropping out of Chukyo University in 1997, studied abroad in Taiwan. After returning to Japan in 2002, he joined a horticultural company. Opened farms in China, Taiwan, Thailand and Sri Lanka. He left the company in 2015 and worked as a management consultant for small and medium-sized businesses and a horticultural business. Currently he mainly assists SMEs in setting up business in China. Participated in IT + from 2016.


Kei NakauchiKei Nakauchi

He moved to Kochi-Tokyo-America-Hiroshima under a transfer family and spent his school days in Kyoto. Also a rickshaw part-time experience. He has been working for ITOCHU since 2006 and mainly engaged in oil trade in the energy sector. Established Re-Land Co., Ltd., with the theme of regional revitalization, becoming independent at the 10th year of working life. Currently, he is conducting an approach that focuses on the local area, especially “food,” by holding various services using web tools, holding chef events, and selling strategies through collaboration with cafe businesses. Participated in IT + from 2016.

Company nameIT Plus Inc. (IT +)
Date of establishment2014 / 1
Company location5-23-16, Kotsubo, Zushi, Kanagawa, 249-0008
(Riviera Zushi Marina)
Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
3-25-18 THE SHARE 2F
CEOKazuo Noguchi
BusinessEC Strategy / Creative
Optimization of B2B sales organization
Paper / Web creative production
Digital tool introduction support
China cross-border EC support
AffiliateEnchant Inc.
(Developing business on the stage of food, agriculture, travel and the area)

Access: 9-minute walk from Harajuku Station on the JR Yamanote Line
6-minute walk from Meiji Jingumae Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line and Fukutoshin Line