Amazon bought a daily necessity at Amazon Pantry, a service for Amazon prime members started on September 2015, 9.
What is Amazon Pantry?
・ Service to purchase low-priced products, mainly food and daily necessities, from one
・ Anyone who is an Amazon Prime member can use it
-Regardless of the number of purchases, a handling fee of 1 yen (tax included) per pantry box for Amazon Pantry Box will be charged
・ Only items with the Amazon Pantry logo are displayed in the Pantry Box
・ Pantry products can be placed in a size of 52cm x 28cm x 36cm or 12kg while referring to the usage rate (%) of the pantry box.
-Usually delivered within 1-3 days.
Click here for more information →Amazon Pantry
Using such Amazon Pantry, I purchased 11 kinds of daily necessities of 15 kinds and compared the price with an online mail order shop selling 5 daily necessities whether the price is actually low.
These five are compared ↓
-LOHACO Shipping: 500 yen for same day delivery, 350 yen for next day delivery, free shipping if total amount of one order is more than 1 yen (tax included)
-Yodobashi.comShipping: Free nationwide delivery
-Rakuten XNUMXShipping: 490 yen nationwide, free shipping on items totaling 1,880 yen (excluding tax)
-Ito-Yokadonet mail orderShipping: 324 yen nationwide, total product price 3,000 yen (excl. Tax) (free shipping for Seven Net Shopping over 1,389 yen (excl. Tax))
-SEIYU dot comShipping: 300 yen (excl. Tax), free shipping for "net supermarket" and "SEIYU Sokokan" in total over 5,000 yen (excl. Tax)

The lowest price for most of the items I purchased this time is Amazon Pantry. Considering that the fee (postage) is 290 yen, I felt that it was even more advantageous.
However, Amazon PantryAmazon PrimeBecause it is a service for members, an annual membership fee of 3900 yen is required to become an Amazon prime member. By the way, it costs 325 yen per month.
In addition,Amazon family,Amazon StudentMembers can also use the Amazon pantry.