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Privacy Policy / Disclaimer


ITplus Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) provides personal information on this site to all users who use the website “” The content of information protection is as follows.

1) Collection of personal information

"Personal information" as described in this site's privacy policy is information that can identify a specific individual, such as name, address, telephone number, and email address.

This site is a site that discloses information about our company. When you browse this site, we do not collect any personal information other than information such as cookies and access logs. However, personal information will be collected when you contact us or download the service guide on this site.

The personal information collected on this site is not supplemented by information obtained offline or from third parties.

When contacting us, we collect information such as company name, name, phone number, email address, etc.
When downloading the service guide, we collect information such as company name, name, email address, etc.
The collection of personal information on this site is based solely on voluntary provision, and if personal information is provided, it will be used in accordance with the privacy policy of this site.

In addition, if you do not provide the necessary personal information, we may not be able to provide the above services on this site.

2) Use of personal information

This site collects and uses personal information when making inquiries. In the unlikely event that the usage on this site falls outside of the intended use, we will contact you via email.

The personal information collected by "Inquiry" will be used for answering questions, etc., guidance from us, sending materials, and guidance on new services.

3) About cookies

This site uses third party cookies and web beacons for access control.

A cookie is a small text file in which arbitrary characters are written instead of personal information. And is stored on your computer's hard disk drive. The next time you access the same page, the page operator can use the information in the cookie to change the display for each customer.

If you allow cookies to be sent and received in your browser settings, the website can retrieve cookies from your browser. Please note that your browser only sends cookies sent and received by the website server to protect your privacy.

Also, depending on your browser settings, you can indicate that the site uses cookies in advance or refuse to receive it.

Please note that if you do not use cookies, you may not be able to receive services that require authentication, and you may be restricted from using various services on the Internet.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

4) Access log file

This site automatically collects browsing statistics to analyze site usage and manage the site. This allows us to obtain statistical information about the IP address, pages visited, the time spent on the page, the URL immediately before accessing the site, page transition trends, operating systems, etc. However, it is not intended to link such information to personal information.

5) Sharing of personal information (joint use)

The personal information collected on this site will not be shared with third parties without your permission. If it is necessary to achieve the purpose of use specified on this site, we may outsource the work to an external company after appropriately selecting outsourcing companies. With regard to outsourcing contractors, we conclude a confidentiality agreement and disclose only necessary information within the necessary purpose, prohibit the use of personal information other than achieving the purpose, and perform necessary management and supervision .

6) Correction and update of personal information

"Contact Us"

If you want to check your own information about the personal information held by this site, if you can confirm your identity to prevent leakage of personal information to a third party, your personal information I will inform you about the information.

"About correction, suspension and deletion of personal information"

If personal information held by this site is corrected based on a request from the customer, such as an error of the customer's personal information, suspension of use of the personal information, deletion, etc., prevention of falsification of the personal information by a third party In order to do so, we will correct, suspend, or delete your personal information once you have been identified.

Contact information for inquiries, corrections, suspension, deletion, etc.
E-mail:[Email protected]

7) Disclaimer about disclosure of personal information

This site does not disclose personal information to third parties without your permission. However, if the consent of the individual has been obtained, or if there is a legal request from a court, police, consumer affairs center, or an agency having the authority equivalent thereto, the information shall be disclosed accordingly. I will.

8) About appropriate management method of personal information

The personal information collected on this site is strictly managed in an appropriate manner. We also take maximum precautions to prevent unauthorized access, loss, falsification, and leakage of such information. If any of these are confirmed, we will take corrective action promptly.

We also conduct in-house education on the protection of personal information, and work to raise employee awareness and management.

9) About links

This site contains links to some external sites, but does not share personal information. We cannot be held responsible for the collection of personal information performed on linked sites, so be sure to refer to the handling of personal information on linked sites.

10) Changes in the handling of personal information

This site may revise its privacy policy to enhance the protection of personal information or in response to changes in law. If this Privacy Policy is revised, it will be posted and announced on this site. Please check the privacy policy regularly.

11) Procedures for requesting disclosure of personal information

1. When making a request for disclosure, etc., please request a “Personal Information and Specific Personal Information Disclosure Application Form” to the contact address listed below.

2. "Application for disclosure of personal information and specific personal information" will be accepted by mail.

3. "Application for disclosure of personal information and specific personal information" will be accepted by mail.

3-1. When the person is charged, any of the following
(I would like the part with the name and address of the person.)
"Driver's license"
"Health insurance card"
"Resident card acquired within 3 months"

3-2. When an agent is requested (all documents from 1) to 3) below)
1) In addition to the identification documents described in 3-1 above, one of the following agent identification documents
(Please write the name and address of the agent himself.)
"Driver's license"
"Health insurance card"
"Resident card acquired within 3 months"
2) Power of Attorney (signed and stamped by the applicant)
3) Documents that can confirm the relationship with the person

4. A fee of 1 yen (including consumption tax) will be charged for each disclosure request.

The personal information obtained by requesting disclosure etc. will be used to contact the customer who made the inquiry and to confirm the identity. It will not be used for any other purpose. After completing your response to the request for disclosure, we will keep the documents for 6 months and then discard them.

12) Disclaimer

The information on this site does not necessarily guarantee correctness, reliability, or usefulness.
The contents and information of this site and this agreement may be changed or revised without notice, and for any reason, changes in information and damages caused by interruption or suspension of operation of this site or inability to browse. We are not responsible for

13) Contact

IT Plus Inc. (IT +)
SHA150-0001 THE SHARE 3F, 25-18-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number: 03-6804-5494
Fax number: 03-6804-5194
E-mail:[Email protected]