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We work together with a consistent strategy that can grow over the medium to long term.

By combining sales organization reform and digital marketing, and providing creative coherence, we provide the services needed to increase sales of small and medium-sized businesses.

Deploy according to purpose
Our specialty area

Support of the whole plan including EC strategy and sales system. We will propose the most suitable plan according to your stage and goals, such as various creatives that focus on branding, either in stages or comprehensively.

EC Strategy / Creative

Medium- to long-term growth strategy based on customer perspective.

EC is business. It is important to be aware of how people interact with people on the other side of the system because they do not meet with customers directly.
What should be shown and communicated to the "people", the thoughts of managers and store managers, and how to sell important products, in what ways?
From sales strategy, organizational building, branding, design and promotion, we will team up with elite teams in each area and consider medium- to long-term growth strategies together.



Medium- to long-term growth strategies tailored to scale and phase


Proposal of optimal system and IT tools


Creative focused on branding

What can be done with limited resources

You need to think about what to do as an e-commerce site for small and medium-sized enterprises, an e-commerce strategy that can be implemented with limited personnel (resources) and a limited budget, and that has firmly reduced its priorities.
We propose EC management that can be carried out even by small and medium-sized companies, which we can tell only because we operate our own EC site.

For continuous growth

Is it really necessary to have a perfect design on every page of your site from the beginning?
Is the most adopted IT tool in the world the best one for your company?
Is the blog, SNS, and advertising operation of a large company realistic?
In order to achieve continuous results, it is important to follow repeatable basics.
We are neither a system development company nor a design production company.

[ Service contents ]

  • EC consulting
  • EC site design construction
  • Digital marketing
    Introduction support
  • Organization and organizational reform
  • Branding
  • Owned media

  • In-house EC site
  • Holo holo tokyo

The world's easiest aquarium

It is a company EC site "Holo Holo Tokyo" that sells a new kind of pet that does not require food, a small shrimp "Holo Holo Shrimp" with a body length of 14 mm or less.
The holo-holo shrimp, which I met from many different times, was very popular with our children, and we started to communicate that feeling.

Streamline B2B sales organization

Following existing customers is the foundation of a company's growth.

From a business perspective, the most cost-effective combination with IT is a B2B sales organization.
Introducing digital marketing to your sales organization and gaining insight into all customer touch points can help you increase new leads and increase the efficiency of finding customers who are more likely to make a purchase.
Let us not only introduce and utilize digital marketing (digital transformation), but also reorganize the sales organization as the foundation.



20 years experience and track record in sales organization


Selecting IT tools according to scale and phase


Cost-effective sales organization reform support

Create an environment where you can focus solely on highly accurate sales activities

By adopting digital marketing and understanding customer behavior data, it is possible to provide an environment where sales teams can concentrate on highly accurate sales activities only.
Even when labor shortages make it difficult to hire ready workers, it can be a foundation for building a continuously growing organization and helping to reduce turnover.

You can do it because you have experience in a sales organization.
Digital marketing required for sales organizations

Just deploying a tool doesn't mean it will succeed.
In addition, it is practically difficult for SMEs to operate only in-house, and even if they ask a system development company or a design production company for consulting, there is no know-how in reforming the underlying sales organization. It tends to be just introduced.
Our representatives have the know-how involved in launching a global company with 30 direct reports, 100 sales representatives, and annual sales of 1,000 billion yen.
Do you not only work in large companies but also work in small and medium-sized enterprises? Why don't you work on digital marketing (digital transformation) for sales organizations with practitioners who have experienced from entrepreneurship to building large companies?

[ Service contents ]

  • Sales consulting
  • Sales organization reform
  • Digital marketing
    Introduction support
  • BtoB BtoC coordination support for overall strategy planning and execution
  • Overseas expansion

China Cross-border EC

Overseas expansion is one of the important options for future growth.

In the future, as the Japanese consumer market shrinks due to the declining population, it is only natural to develop sales channels overseas. When considering overseas expansion and cross-border e-commerce, the first thing that comes to mind is China.
With more than 20 years of experience in Japan-China business, we support test marketing, test sales, and cross-border e-commerce for China using the bonded warehouse in the free trade zone of China. In addition, we can provide a comprehensive service from local information transmission × local product promotion × product sales in China.



20 years of experience and track record in business between Japan and China


A system that is easy to work with for small and medium-sized businesses


Wide range of proposals, including wholesale to local department stores

A new path to the world's largest e-commerce market

China boasts the world's largest e-commerce scale and is a market that attracts the attention of the world. The same is true in the cross-border e-commerce market, where not only Japanese companies but also companies from all over the world are opening e-commerce sites and malls for China.
However, different countries have different business practices and laws. Not all companies and products are suitable. In addition, it is imperative that the way of thinking about business be adapted to the Chinese market.
We provide a system that is easy for small and medium-sized companies to work in both online and offline, in what order it is better to proceed, what kind of sales method is, and what kind of store opening is good.

Improve accuracy with the optimal approach

In addition to the option of opening a store in Tenmoku (T Mall) or Keito (, measures through message services such as WeChat, microblogging such as Weibo, and online sales only Rather, we will offer a comprehensive proposal, including test marketing and test sales, to find out what is the best approach, including wholesale to local department stores.

[ Service contents ]

  • Test marketing,
    Test sales
  • To a major local mall
    Store opening support
  • Sales agency
    (Net shop, real store)
  • Spread by SNS
  • Consultation on entering China
  • Export and storage procedures
    (Utilization of bonded warehouse)
  • NMPA acquisition (CFDA acquisition)
  • Dissemination of local information,
    Promotion of regional products

Flow of service

Contact Us

If you contact us via this website, we will arrange a hearing and an interview schedule in advance.


One to two hours of hearing on current issues. After confirming the purpose of the consultation from the customer, hearing the issues they have, formulating a hypothesis, and deciding what to execute on the project.


We share and explain the hypotheses, output images, and schedules of the solutions to the issues in accordance with your objectives.


If you can approve the proposal and sign a contract, we will quickly set up a contract and collaboration system required to start the project. We will prepare to provide the maximum output.

kick off

We will start a project together with the person in charge of your company based on the content proposed.